Southern Library Resource Sharing Service

I.                    Target: ISU staff, teachers and students

II.                  Regulations: Search via the agent service for borrowing and return to know whether or not that library has the book that you need and submit the application (wait for the account activation if never used before). The library will inform using E-mail then readers can borrow with student ID or valid certification at the service counter on the second floor.

III.                Borrowing limits: One can borrow at most six books, 28 days per book. Not allow to renew.

IV.                Fine rules: According to the rules of collection of the book.

V.                  Southern Library Resource Sharing Service

VI.                Regulations for applying: Please refer to the common problems in the back of the Southern Library Resource Sharing Service.

VII.              Charging method: The expenses are provided by the union, there will be no shipping cost charged during the promotion period. Notice will be announced if needed to be charged. You are encourage to borrow during the promoting period.

VIII.            Book Resource Sharing Service Platform for the Southern District of the Ministry of Education