Borrowing Policies

Status Item Limitation Loan Period(days) Renewal Period
Faculty/Faculty(part-time) 30 40 40
PhD Students 25 30 30
Postgraduates(in-service programs) 20 30 30
Post-Baccalaureate Students 20 30 30
Staff 15 30 30
Undergraduate Students(Division of Continuing Education) 15 30 30
Research Staff 15 30 30
Families of Staff 10 30 0
Alumni 10 30 0
Faculty and Staff of I-Shou International School 10 30 0
Incubate Companies 10 30 0
Extension Education Center 10 30 0
Staff of E United Group 10 30 0
Retired Faculty/Staff 10 30 0
Visitors 10 30 0
Interlibrary Card Holders In accordance with regulations

  1. You can return your books at our circulation service desk.
  2. Or you can drop the books you wish to return in the return box located at the entrance of the Office of Library and Information Services. The return date will be the day you drop the books. Please remember to check your account a few days after your dropping.

  1. You can renew your books online.
  2. You can renew your books prior to the due date.
  3. Please note that renewal will not be completed in the following conditions:
    • the item is overdue
    • renew the same item twice

Online Reservation:
  1. Online requests are only accepted if the item is borrowed by another user or held in the library for another user (item status: on hold shelf) or on processing (order or catalogue).
  2. When the requested item is returned, the Office will send a circulation notice to alert. Users should register a valid e-mail address for receiving the notice.
  3. All returned requested items will be on the hold shelf for 7 working days. If the requester does not pick up the book during the time period, the item will be moved to the next requester or back to the library stack.

Late Return of Books:
  1. Please return all checked-out items on or before the due date. If a book is not returned by the due date, it is considered overdue and is subject to right suspension by default, which will be one day per item per day; the transfer ratio is one day to NT$2.
  2. Users with late returned books which are over 75 days or who are suspended from library rights cannot check out or renew any book.

Replacement for Lost/Damaged Book:
  1. Any defect or damage to a book should be reported to the circulation desk immediately after it is noticed. Users will be held responsible for loss or damage to any book at their expense and will be required to pay its original value (replacement with the book of same or advanced edition is acceptable).
  2. Users should complete the replacement procedures within 30 days after the overdue book is reported to our desk, otherwise, users have to pay the price of right suspension besides the replacement (book or fee).