RapidILL Express Document Delivery Service is an organization of libraries mainly from the universities in the United States dedicated to fast and cost-effective resource sharing. Developed by the Morgan Library of the Colorado State University, RapidILL now has over 200 members including libraries from Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Office of Library and Information Services is now a member of the RapidILL community. Requests sent through RapidILL will be filled mostly 3 days on average. The actual time varies depending on each library’s working schedule.
Valid Applicants
ISU faculty, staff and students
RapidILL Service
Request for photocopies of western journal articles (with ISSN) only.
Application Procedures & Notes
1. Check our online library catalog and Hyint E-Resources first to ensure that the required materials are not available at ISU libraries.
2. Log in to the RapidILL requesting system and send your request online. Please log in with your library ID Number and Password. You can pick up your request at the
Main Library or Medical Campus Library.
3. Please fill in the journal title in its full name no abbreviations, corresponding ISSN and all the required fields in the request form and submit the application online. Your request will then be forwarded to the RapidILL.
4. Library will notify you via email when your request arrives in the library, and it will be kept in the location you selected (Main Library or Medical Campus Library) for you to pick up.
5. Pickup location
Main Library: 3F Reference Service Desk
Medical Campus Library: 2F Reference Service Desk
1. Requests filled by RapidILL will be charged NT$3 per page.
2. Adopted on September 30, 2019, at the first meeting of the Committee of Library and Information Services of the academic year 2019, the promotion period is from January 1, 2020. It would be free if the number of applications falls within the quota per person each year. You will be charged 2 dollars per page if the number of applications is over the quota.
Identity Numbers of applications Price
Teacher / Researcher Within 50 (Includes) Free
Over 51 2 dollars per page
Postgraduate Within 30 (Includes) Free
Over 31 2 dollars per page
College student / Stuff Within 10 (Includes) Free
Over 11 2 dollars per page
Ask a Librarian
1. Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:10-12:00、13:00-17:00 (Closed on weekends and holidays)
2. Main Library: 3F Reference Service Desk. Tel: 07-6577711 ext. 2713 or e-mail at isundds@isu.edu.tw
Medical Campus Library: 3F Service Desk. Tel: 07-6151100 ext. 3574 or e-mail at ylibrary@isu.edu.tw
Prior notification to the Reference Service Desk is required for those who need to pick up their request materials during non-office hours.